Team who are not productive want to be productive and productive teams wants to be more productive. They trace their activities in one of the many productivity measurement software. But… Is really possible to measure productivity?

Increase productivity is the unicorn for Product Managers and some programmers. The main reason is to do self-marketing and telling their bosses something like “Hey! Watch this, i am doing well my job. I am highly productive for the company”. It is an instinct and it is ok, but often these people wrong at choosing the KPI.

Pitfalls of productivity measurement

Some companies appreciate extra hours worked. So…


A very frequently asked question is “How much to pull into the sprint during sprint planning?”. It doesn’t have any answer in Scrum framework, this is more of tool-technique and strategy related question.

Planning a sprint is one of the main task of the product mangers and naturally, they want to pull as task as possible but this must be agreed by the entire team who made to develop task. An easy goal produce a non productive team. A impossible goal produce a demotivated team. How add task to the sprint correctly?

Quantity as unit measurement: some teams add to…


Agile manifest speaks about planning the sprint and even says that task added to the sprint should be completed inside the iteration. Redundantly if you can not complete an issue inside the iteration you must to do it in the next one. It is a bit confuse. Isn’t it?

In order to aboard this problem, many Product Managers add to sprint tasks shorter than 2 weeks (or any other sprint duration) and split bigger ones in sub-tasks. Intuitively, to decide how many task include in a sprint we should know how complex is. …

Technical debt is major reason of disagreement between Scrum Masters and Developers. Try to ask in your team the next question: “Are technical debt negative for your project?” Most people will answer that zero technical debt is better. So, are they right?

Scrum Masters focus their effort satisfying the Product Owner by giving the expected product in a reasonable time, but usually they do not consider in the planning the effort necessary to rework code and they feels they are loosing the control when develop needs to do something outside the planning, like re-work code.

Programmers feels they are in…

Historically, Internet Explorer (IE) was the unique way to use Internet in the 90s and the early of 2000. Even Apple used it as a default browser before they launch Safari. Since Google launch Chrome, users start migrating from IE to Chrome, a better, modern and faster browser powered by Google.

The question is: How convenient is to develop an IE software compatible today? Let’s read some stats to answer better.

Currently scenario

Currently, 52% of total internet users prefer browsing the web using their mobile phones. This is more than desktop users (44%). …

Piero Blunda

4 years in managerial role and 15+ years working in software lifecycle

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